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All about Dallon.

Dallon. Dal. D. My first born son, my friend, my helper. I wanted to do a post all about him. These are his words. Mine are in italics, but the rest are his words.

11 years old, athletic, likes to earn money, morning person, very intelligent, caring, helper, independent, good big brother, opinionated, hard worker, good saver, confident, chooses the right, fun, never complains when sick, collector, friend, disciplined, determined.

blue, basketball, swimming, football, my mom's calzones, camping, star wars, making paper airplanes, reading, my ipod and music, boy scouts, shopping at academy, going to barnes & noble, my family, chicken sandwiches, strawberry cream slushes from sonic, Disney World, icee's, legos, origami, dogs, basketball shorts, going to sports games.

cleaning my room, spanish class, waiting, going to the doctor, doctor shooting water into my ear, when my brother is mean to me, diet soda, purple, chores, tomatoes, jean shorts, photo shoots, mowing the lawn, mustard.

Goot at:
swimming, sports, math, science, writing stories, scouting, biking, stratego and connect four, babysitting, taking care of Easton, basketball, making eggs without any help, cooking macaroni and cheese, practicing my piano, getting hurt, helping my parents, reading, drawing, getting trophies, continuing to try at whatever I want to achieve, playing mario on dsi.

Not so good at:
answering these questions... ha ha, making decisions, putting on deoderant, chores, getting dad to wake up after a nap, remembering to brush my teeth.

Dream of:
being a professional sports player, going back to disney world, having enough money when I grow up to go to disney world alot, having all the star wars legos, always learning and being really smart, one of my biggest dreams is to own a dog and soon, go to New York City with my mom, have the happiest life possible.

Wish I could:
fly, make an invention, visit every state in the US, see all of the seven wonders of the world, stay up late (past 8) like my parents... put 8 because then people will feel bad for me... ha ha!

I love you my son!