Saturday, July 25, 2009

Easton and Jenna

The two of them have a special bond. Maybe it's because she was living in our home during my pregnancy with him, or the fact that she was in the hospital room with us when he was delivered. Or that she was the one who took care of us for the first few days of his life. Whatever the reason... there is no denying that there is a strong connection.


Amber M Kinsey said...

Jaimie these are so beautiful. You need to keep Jen around and use her as a model, she is so gorgeous. I think that it is so special that her and Easton have such a great connection.

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. You have an incredible talent and an undeniable "eye" for photography.

mik said...

Jaimie, Jenna and you look so much alike! You two are gorgeous! It is amazing she is so old....what does that make me? Great pictures, I wish you lived closer I would have you take some for my family.