Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been excited to get out and take some new photos of Easton. We went out for a walk and I had so much fun capturing him running around. I love him in his little rain boots. And with that little curious george lunch tin that he loves. He uses it to carry around little toys... cars, his small curious george, books, etc. So cute.


Jenna Joan said...

Jaim, those boots are so cute. I love the pic with him sitting on the ground with his car out. Also, I love the idea of the lunch tin to carry other things...that is right up my alley. I remember when I was a kid...was I a wierd kid? I liked to do some wierd things :) I love you.

Ben, Amy & Belle said...

He is so cute. What cool pictures too. They look really classic, like they could have been taken years ago!