Monday, April 26, 2010


This is Dawson. Dawser. Dawsy. Daws. My sweet boy. I wanted to do a post all about him. What he loves and doesn't love. What he is into at age 7. Who he is. I wrote the "about" him section... but then I thought to myself, why not let him do the talking. I asked him these questions and I let him fill in the blanks. These are his words. (My words are in italics)

7 years old. Full of personality. Lover. Inventive. Crafty. A force to be reckoned with. Fun. Cuddler. Kisser. NOT a morning person. Athletic. Whiner. Amazing blue eyes. Expressive. Back scratcher. Arm tickler. Generous. Tight hugger. Make believer. Thoughtful. Artistic. Mind of his own - and volume to make his opinion known. Protector. Kind. Middle of three boys. Silly.

Star Wars. Playing with friends. Heely's. Fighting with light sabers. Going to school park. Skateboarding. Watching movies. Light Blue. Spongebob. Pizza Hut. Building sand castles. Hotels. Swimming in the ocean. Shoes. Legos. Hide and seek tag. Riding bikes and scooters. Playing store. Making rootbeer Icee's with my own machine. Basketball. Baseball. Football. Drawing. Neighbor friends. Playing DSI. Inventing.

Early bedtime. Pink. Black. Soup... the soup that dad made last time. Bugs. Girls, except you Mommy. The shape that is called rectangle prism. Tomatoes. When mommy doesn't let me get icee's. When Easton takes toys away from me when I had it first. Dallon fighting with me. Dirty when they don't brush their teeth. Mustard. When the lamp is on when I'm going to sleep. Chores. Doing math sheets at school. Lasagna.

Good at:
Making hats. Scooter. BMX. Making food. Writing my name. Making art for mommy's mailbox (nightstand). Basketball. Fighting on the tramp hard. Being a brother.

Not so good at:
Cleaning my room. Doing my abc order. Going to sleep.

Dreaming of:
I want to be a artist. Making books. Go to Disney World. Have lots of money in my bank. More brothers.

Wish I could:
Rope steers on horses when I get older, like my Pappy. Fly on a dragon. Make a cat fly. Have a cat. Do magic.

I love you son.


Merideth Sullivan said...

That was such a great idea, Jaimie. It was so fun to read. I love all the pictures! It will be so fun when Owen is older and I can do things like this with him.

Jenna Joan said...

Two words...LOVE IT!!! I love that you did this. It is such a fun thing to do. It tells so much about him and that is the greatest. This is a treasure! Looking forward to more :)