Thursday, September 16, 2010

The last few days of summer.

I love summertime. I love the lack of routine. I love not deciding what we will do each day until we get up. I love that we can jump in the car and go spend a few days at the beach at the last minute. I love not having to shuttle the boys around to all of their activities. I love knowing they are with me and I am keeping them safe from the world. I love spending the day at the pool. I love staying in our jammies all day if we want to. And most of all, I love hanging out at home together. Oh, how I wish summer wasn't already over. I feel a little sad about it. Now, we are into the routine of school... waking up to alarm clocks, fixing quick breakfasts, packing lunches, homework after school, and early bedtimes. I miss summer. But I am thankful for the memories we made and for these pictures. For quality time spent together. I am thankful to have these sweet boys in my life.

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