Friday, November 13, 2009

Cosby Family

Here is my beautiful friend Amy, and her darling little family.  I am so thankful for Amy.  I don't know what I would do without her in my life! She is always there for me.  A true friend.  I adore her family too.  And I am so grateful for them.  I am so glad that I could do their family pictures for them.


Merideth Sullivan said...

Soo cute! Jaimie, you get better and better!! I am so excited for our next shoot already! I LOVE that little girls shirt!

Tara said...

Jaimie, This is Amy's sister, Tara. I love what you do! You can make anyone look fabulous! (not that it is hard to make Amy, Belle & Ben look amazing) Thus why I need you to take some pictures of me! Next time I'm in San Antonio, you're hired! Do you take pictures of middle aged single white females? :-) Keep up the great work! You have a gift!

Melissa Rodriguez said...

Jaimie - I just love how you are taking your processing to the next level - your textures and conversions are just divine! It's incredible how much mom & daughter look alike! They are a beautiful family!!