Thursday, November 19, 2009

Curious George and the boys.

Curious George like family around our house. He goes everywhere with our Easton. I love this first picture of Easton with George in his arms carrying his favorite chair around. The chair that was my mother's when she was a little girl. Easton carries this chair everywhere. I think I'd like a canvas of this one. So precious.


Jenna said...

Okay, that picture of Easton at the top is the cutes! I love it. I also love that chair!!! How did YOU get a hold of that one? :) Just kidding, but it is really precious. Mom really did a bad thing letting both of us share so many things, ha ha. I miss you guys. Jaimie, you're amazing at taking pictures. It makes me think of how bad I want to be able to take them. I guess I'll keep practicing. Love ya sis!!!

Ben, Amy & Belle said...

I think I want a canvas of the first one too...what a treasure!!!